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The Journey Seasons 1&2

“The Journey” is an Islamic, educational story-telling series that narrates the adventure of the brother and sister: (Basil), (Marmar) and their friends (Malik) and the parrot (Zenan). Where the children go on a magical adventure by coincidence through Basil’s kite to the mysterious island of manners against their will through the wind to discover a beautiful world inhibited by a good family catering a huge tree which is the manners tree and the wise grandpa tells them that the only way to return to their homeland is by repairing the kite that was torn by the wind during their move to the island by obtaining the leaves of the magical manners tree but in order for them to obtain each leaf they have to act according to the good manner written on it, and through the events and adventures the children recognize the best of manners: the manners of the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him, and this is through the "grandfather and grandmother," where we explain in every episode a new Hadith (saying of the prophet), where the events is Interesting to the audiance as the kids learn a new manner with every adventure till they fix their kite, But where there is good there is evil. The children discover the arrival of the pirate (Asi) and his followers to the island in an effort to destroy the manners tree and get its magical timber, to build the fastest and most powerful pirate ship and restore the glories of his ancestor pirates again in the modern era. The events and adventures revolve between good and evil in an Islamic educational framework that teaches, educate and entertain the child.

AL Mahmya series

The Marine Reserve is a children’s entertaining series, set in different and exciting surroundings, as it takes the child to a new world, with underwater events and adventures, among the different fish and sea creatures, joining two kids, Farah and Hamza. Children are introduced to various moral and educational values, in addition to scientific information suitable for children’s mindset, about the importance of preserving the environment and marine life.

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